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The most creative, fun and all-rounded online sessions for 1-5 year olds you'll find on the www!

Donate any amount to our campaign to support women and children at higher risk of domestic violence during the pandemic and we'll give you FREE access to ALL our online content and resources.


Teaching 1-5 Year Olds Football No Matter What or Where!

Wobble and Kick's uniquely creative football sessions are now online!

We've designed content and an online space to totally enhance your child's learning and enjoyment of the awesome sport called football.

Join us for online footie sessions, friendships, sharing ideas about things to do at home and team activities.

Building an Online Team of Mini-Footballers Like No Other!

At Wobble and Kick we are BIG on TEAM.

We try to encourage maximum involvement from parents which makes it easier for us to transition to online. 

Our parents are super friendly and open and love sharing their ideas and encouragement. We LOVE our team -- whether online, offline or in outer space, hehe.

Teaching Even More Skills Than in Our In-Person Sessions!

The total flexibility of online learning offers an amazing opportunity.

Whereas in-person sessions are limited by time (30/45 minutes a week), online sessions can be taken multiple times a week at your child's own pace. 

Learning can happen faster and more deeply and as practice makes perfect, your little one will really be able to excel in their skills development.

What you get when you join the Wobble and Kick Online Team:

ONE Core Session (20 minutes long) that includes the key activities that we repeat weekly in our in-person sessions. These are important football and agility skills your little one needs to practise at least weekly at home.

TEN Mini Sessions (~5 minutes long) that hone different, specific skills in addition to the core skills your child needs to excel at football/team sport.

Access to a friendly network of parents and the chance to connect with other mini-footballers with the same age and/or interests as yours.

More ideas and tips for how to effectively engage and teach your little one more than just football at home.

Unique, engaging course content that you can enjoy whether you are stuck at home or not! Learning should never stop. 

Meet Coach Bianca

'Modular, online learning is the future for our children, so why not give them the skills to learn anything, anywhere, early on?' Coach Bianca

Coach Bianca has been passionate about football since primary school, gearing up to kick penalties against her crush on the courtyard, only boys surrounding her. She's played for her country's national team, Rice University in Texas and AFC Wimbledon and QPR. She hung up her boots in 2016 when she had her first child and in 2017 decided to coach toddlers and preschoolers. 

She is a writer and content creator by profession and a community builder by heart, giving her the experience and tools to create the most wonderful, successful online football team the universe has seen (she is also a HUGE dreamer and optimist haha)! She is committed to giving all her mini-footballers the care and encouragement they need to succeed on and offline :)

Once the online team grows, we will be bringing on more coaches who love football and have excellent experience working with children.


It is FREE to access the Wobble and Kick Online Team but we do ask that you make a donation to our campaign to raise funds to help support and protect women and children at higher risk of domestic violence during the lockdown. Please do what you can to help families who are struggling.

DONATE HERE: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/football-for-families 

'My son really enjoyed the core session. He was very happy to see you on TV! I think it is great what you are doing' Jack

'It is so engaging and interactive that it does not feel like it is pre-recorded. The positive vibe is really infectious' Renying

'The prerecorded content is great for my 18 month old' Cassandra

*Don't miss out! Request to JOIN our online team today and we will get back to you as soon as we can to welcome you!!

Let's Play Footie!!!
Coach Bianca

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